Don’t remember what inspired me to write this one. But I give you…

Beauty In Silence

We don’t speak,

We don’t have to.

Words add no value to our love.

It’s been fifty years,

And I love nothing more

Than to sit and stare at your eternal beauty,

In silence.

Those many years ago when we first met,

The first thing I noticed was your hair,

Not as blonde as today

But still flows like the waves on Normandy Beach.

Your blue eyes gaze back at me and let me know I’m loved.

I look right through the wrinkles

And see your beauty everlasting,

In silence.

You sit in your favorite chair,

All day, every day.

You love the way it holds you

Like a tight and caring hug.

After years and years of sitting

There’s nowhere more comfortable.

And in your chair you sit forever,

Encased in the glossy eight by ten

Behind the quarter inch glass.

The frame you picked out yourself

At Stacey’s antique store,

Before it closed down.

You sit in your chair in your favorite picture and your favorite picture sits in your chair,


Cancer wages many wars,

And almost always wins.

You won one battle, fought valiantly, but

Cancer won the war.

You’ve been gone a long time now,

But it matters not.

We still sit every day in our favorite chairs

In silence.

And of course,

I’ll love you,



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