One of the first songs I ever wrote, inspired by my all my traveling on the TTC.

Subway Romance

Verse 1

Every single morning rolling deep beneath the city

You sit there with your paper all alone looking pretty

Your eyes are fixated, concentrated on the page

But I notice frequently you looking up at my face

See I always got my shades on so you think that I don’t know

But what I do know is that you always look incredible

And today is no different. I hope you give me the chance

To start and early-morning subway romance

Verse 2

So I move over beside you to make my intentions plain

Make you feel like we’re the only two people on the train

You turn your music down, headphones off, as I say “hello”

I say “How are you” you say “I’m fine” just going with the flow

I say “My name’s MB, I’m glad we met cause I see you every day”

She said “I see you too, I’m glad you came over and said ‘Hey’

You finally decided to come and take the chance

To start an early-morning subway romance

Verse 3

So we continue talking, I keep learning more and more

And every time the train stops people keep coming in the door

It doesn’t matter cause it’s just us

Aint nobody can make a fuss

And I can see, when I look into her eyes, that they are filled with lust

I see she’s real excited because she’s starting to fidget

I say “My stop’s coming up so I would really love to grab your digits”

She says “So is mine” she reaches in her purse and grabs a pen

But the train is slowing down, and stops before she’s at the end

I notice there’s a number missing as she leaves the train

She screams it out but I don’t hear, my mind’s going insane

She walks away, and off she goes. I have lost my chance

To have an early-morning subway romance

Verse 4

So I go about my day as usual except I’m really pissed

At the chance that was before me this morning is now sadly missed

As usual, I waited too long and I dropped the ball

I was teetering on the edge of glory, now I’m in a free-fall, but

On the train ride home, behold, what do I see

The same angel from this morning smiling and laughing at me

She says “Well well, hey stranger. How do you do?”

I say “A hell of a lot better now that I’m back here with you”

She smiles “Oh yeah that number to my number was eight

But tonight you won’t need it, let’s have dinner at my place”

I say “Of course” and inside my heart begins to dance

At the chance to have something more than a subway romance

I got real lucky but you might not get the same

So if life gives you lemons squeeze them or you’ll go insane

Listen to my words my friend, or else you can bet

You’ll have something in your life to always regret